Monday, September 27, 2010

Ma PK Shi Yuzhu, in the end who is more cattle?

IT sector is now the most talked about characters, than the market value of over 10 billion a Goma Alibaba cloud, and the net worth of over 50 billion giant in the network boss Shi Yuzhu. While some fortune in the IT sector, but between the two, but there are many different impression to the public do not have poles. The following table on the drawing sheets to the recent evaluation of community basis, all aspects of the two different sides of a rough comparison.

Clearly, from all walks of life reflect the point of view, Ma's reputation is better than many, because Alibaba is behind the success of numerous small and medium enterprises gain, if framed with sacrifices, is the rival interests. And Shi Yuzhu addition to net worth soared outside, the operation of melatonin, online games and other products to the community people left the impression that only vulgar and burn.

For the success of Ma, the majority view is that: Alibaba fill the blank of domestic e-commerce, is the trend of the times, is "the Internet times required"; while Shi Yuzhu success, most people's view is: the success of the original can be smashed up, vulgar out. In general, public opinion can, "Ma Yunxing, 100 Yan; Shi Yuzhu rich, you spit," the 13 words to describe.

Of course, most people can not see is the success of two, are based on ordinary people to pay several times the cost. In any event, they called a hero worthy of the times.

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