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Paladin detailed maze 4 Raiders (1)

With: Cheats

Into the game, team interface in the system, press (Left CTRL + Right CTRL +4) = Money 500

Into the game, team interface in the system, press (Left CTRL + Right CTRL +9) = force all players to fill the gas

Figure 4.9 can not be by a small keyboard on the Principal, I feel we should melee for more than the number of teams to two teams, strange, of course the better, the most important round number to many. I melee two teams, round 25 times more than the basic mostly Principal, and strange grade level higher than the figure is very important.

Forging the required materials, grocery stores are selling:

Wu Feng Ling blade +75 1 10 violent spiritual needs of the potential 3: * 3 red stone, charcoal * 2

+100 10 Wu Yun Hua Jian Yun Ling a potential one needs: basaltic rocks * 4 iron, charcoal * 3

Wu Yu-handle Dragons Sword +130 10 10 Win 10 Ling Ling a potential storm 3 requires: Singular division * 3, charcoal * 3

Wu Ling Wu Jian Jin +70 2 1 latent needs: Kunlun Purple Crow Ukraine, native gold, charcoal * 2

Wu Ling a potential Mochizuki +100 2 requires: purple soil * 2, charcoal * 2

+130 10 Lingling Wu Tai Chi Shuangjue 1 1 latent needs: Yao stone * 3, * 1 chalcocite, charcoal * 5

Hue, maple 20, Lingling Wu Qin +45 2 1 latent needs: maple * 2 * 2 chalcopyrite

Pines lying clouds +80 40 Wu Lingling a potential three needs: Hanyue Bingpo * 2, cloud spar * 2

San Yuqin +120 60 Wu Lingling a potential three needs: Kunlun Purple Crow Wu * 2, tiger eye stone * 2

Qian Yu Ling a potential anti-cloak +55 2 requires: satin cape, silk * 2, thread * 18

Ward off evil spirits transported cloak +55 1 20 anti-submarine 2 need: yarn * 20, Zijin soil

Anti-Kim engrave shoes +14 10 10 Wan Ling a potential speed 2 need: purple soil * 3 * 2 silk

Xiang-ying Tap 5-speed soul +20 1 anti-submarine 2 need: Wire * 4 * 2 silk

Chapter II

Silver Point comb 25 to: Yao-stone, basalt rock * 2 iron

Ziyang crown 25 need: Wire * 4, Yiu stone

Boots 32 grain scales need: * 4 skins, silk * 2, bornite

Yufeng fulfill 32 required: Wire * 3 * 3 silk, jade ring Lang

Qin Ling white shirt 29 need: Wire * 6 * 2 silk, white silk graces, Hanyue Bingpo

Moire fine scales 29 to: natural gold * 12, * 5 skins, charcoal * 15

A 43 Taiji Soft need: bornite * 10 * 8 Kun sand, charcoal * 20

Shen Yuan-hook 29 to: Kunlun Purple Crow Ukraine * 4, Avision amber * 3, charcoal * 5

Barbed Yu 29 to: Kun sand * 3, charcoal * 3

Dicey 29 to: rutile * 2, Phoenix's first wood * 2

Samuume 34 requires: Singular Stone * 2, Hanyue Bingpo, charcoal * 5

Cream 34 requires: basaltic rocks, spinel * 3, charcoal * 3

Akabane Qin 39 requires: maple * 8, chalcocite, purple soil

Snake shadow 39 to: spinel * 2 * 2 stalk green enamel, charcoal * 5

Mysterious dark sword 39 to: spinel * 4, Kun sand, charcoal * 3

Guikui edge 39 to: strange stone * 3 * 2 red stone, charcoal * 3

Colourful Plumage 36 need: * 2 silk, silk * 30, Beaulieu agate, flint Esther

Yiyun A 36 requires: Kunlun Purple Crow Ukraine * 10, * 5, native gold, charcoal * 18

With a 39 cent high spirit needs: silk * 2 * 2 silk thread, a flare crystal soul

Save bead gold crown 39 to: Kunlun Purple Crow Wu * 2, native gold * 2, ho st

Shark raw silk 43 need: Wire * 15 * 15 silk, enamel rings jasper * 2, black 2 Bi Shi *

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Sword Q & A:

1 Sword History: (1): Paladin DOS version (2): two years and four months (3): 1995

(4): Chinese Paladin 3 is rumored - asked sentiment (5): on as version / Linger version

(6): 1 (7): Paladin Sega Saturn (8): Paladin 4

(9): Shanghai Soft Star (10): touching story

2 Sword story: (1): Li Xiao Yao. Zhao Linger. Lam Chi Chan month as the love between

(2): Looking for Zhao Linger's mother (3): Monkey Sun Wu

(4): to become the head of the faction Shushan Sword (5) back into the original shape of the fox

(6): reincarnation (7): Shushan Suoyao Ta (8): Town demon sword. Maken

(9): Shushan's Centre (10): sham marriage with Miss State capture demons were put Suoyao Ta Chi Yan

3 Sword and the world: (1): The aunt of the pot awakes the dream of juvenile (2): Gu Shi poison

(3): Nvwo ethnic descent (4): Qi Xian Xia five (5): Great Villain

(6): enrichment (7): Xi Yao according to their appearance, to God the tree fruit Zaochu hsuehchien

(8): Lord of burn day in Shushan (9): Wolf (10): five harmful beads

Prologue WTO

Huang Shan Qing Luan peak, the inaccessible. Mogi noon, Junior cloud Milky Way is the sky blue prayer avoid late father.

While Milky Way to catch the morning when a small wild boar roasted offerings, the house came a great boar's throat is called. Tianhe go find a big boar breathing dust, instantly ran to the side of Dan Chen Kai-dong, thus pulling to open the game off.

Get back to their cabin on the bow and the sword, out of the room. Small map with a yellow spot small arrow, that step to that Shi Chen Xi-dong.

Dan Chen Kai-dong: This map is small I believe we will go over the main attention to Quebec to play when called attention to the blood, endure a few rounds, so after the first spell learned Kui Zhao kill the guy next two get in the way. In the deposit near There are 3 channels which can get lost in the props used to throw the next monster is very lethal. trigger the plot.

Lingsha broke into the Chamber of Secrets (had to catch up slightly, uh, there is beauty, not with the strange:), enter the Chamber of Secrets story took place, was destroyed in the tomb scene, led by the Mitsubishi yarn can be found (lapis lazuli) (fiber surplus soft boots ), the Dan Chen Kai-dong went home to pack things (by even more than with the tablets), a house east of the pavilion called a box that (the ancestral Star) (soap cloth belt) (headscarf), go back a little, saw a big root go directly to the trunk, the plot was (fruit + bleeding grass rat children) * 5. into the plot animation (news).

Ziyun frame at the top: (Lingsha led)

Point to keep the direction of walking with boxes available (bronze sword), point turn right keep walking downhill was the first street you can check to rock ore (ore that can be repeated cycle), has been away in the end have the box. To Back came the first downhill that, next to the stone and can get ore. to the slope of the left walking, met fork in the road turn right, walk down the slope on the other side, at the first fork in the road turn right, walk along the tree can reach them things. Wangyoubianzou out, straight ahead to the end point of a deposit box (3 items +300 money, cool), go back around to transition scenes.

Ziyun bottom shelf:

Has been going down, the event points that have a fork in the road turn right, 2 left fork, something can pick a tree, 3 trees removable fork to right things, and check to the ore, the first fork go straight 3, 4 opportunities exist along the left fork to go point, Rao turn right back over the scene.

Taiping Village:

Walk around the room with some things to get to a lot of things, well next to the stone behind the boxes, into the wall in front of the house can be seized to the money 50. Villager a house available Acacia buckle.

Went to sell pork in front of the starting stalls Zongzi plot, (do not know this kid since eating Zongzi peeling, and said not good, after eating did not know giving money. Back:), the specific story their own experience of pulling) into battle. playing this brawny money ah, I use Link yarn steal, steal 1000 wow, uh. Down with brawny, leave.

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PowerBuilder set breakpoints

Chapter XIII debugging
Set a breakpoint is the basic means debugger. How to set a breakpoint in it? Click POWER BAR above DEBUG Debug button, the screen pops up the script selection window. Figure 13-1.

Figure 13-1

Among the list of the right of the window, we can choose which objects to debug the script. We chose the window object. List which lists the currently open application window which contains the name of all.

Figure 13-2

Double Click the left mouse button to select a window, so the following list box which lists all of the programmers write the script for the window. This includes the window itself, the script of events, as well as the layout of the controls in the window above the events written in the script. Figure 13-2.

Figure 13-3

Double click, select a script, the right side of the window just to open the selected script. Mouse need to set the breakpoint in the program line, double left click on this line, we see the left side of this line process there is a small icon, which set a breakpoint. Figure 13-3.

We click the POWER BAR START start debugging button above, if the trigger had just set a breakpoint in the incident, we see that procedures to suspend the running, stopping at a breakpoint, then we can debug work. Figure 12-4.

Figure 13-4

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Ma PK Shi Yuzhu, in the end who is more cattle?

IT sector is now the most talked about characters, than the market value of over 10 billion a Goma Alibaba cloud, and the net worth of over 50 billion giant in the network boss Shi Yuzhu. While some fortune in the IT sector, but between the two, but there are many different impression to the public do not have poles. The following table on the drawing sheets to the recent evaluation of community basis, all aspects of the two different sides of a rough comparison.

Clearly, from all walks of life reflect the point of view, Ma's reputation is better than many, because Alibaba is behind the success of numerous small and medium enterprises gain, if framed with sacrifices, is the rival interests. And Shi Yuzhu addition to net worth soared outside, the operation of melatonin, online games and other products to the community people left the impression that only vulgar and burn.

For the success of Ma, the majority view is that: Alibaba fill the blank of domestic e-commerce, is the trend of the times, is "the Internet times required"; while Shi Yuzhu success, most people's view is: the success of the original can be smashed up, vulgar out. In general, public opinion can, "Ma Yunxing, 100 Yan; Shi Yuzhu rich, you spit," the 13 words to describe.

Of course, most people can not see is the success of two, are based on ordinary people to pay several times the cost. In any event, they called a hero worthy of the times.

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China's environmental satellite data

China will next year set up the environment and disaster monitoring and forecasting satellite constellation system. The Constellation system will be composed of eight small satellites. Next year will launch the first of three small satellite constellation system. Experts told the reporter opened the magic veil of environmental satellites.

Construction of the three systems for environmental monitoring "dragnet"

Environment and disaster monitoring and forecasting of small satellite constellation by the satellite system, ground system, application system has three major components. SEPA Environmental Satellite Center Preparatory Office of the Deputy Director Wang Kiu, the researchers said satellite system is a satellite platform and payload, data transfer and in-orbit operations under the management of content; ground system includes standardized data receiving and processing, distribution services and the satellite payload operation and management of business content; applications mainly related to satellite remote sensing data in various fields of application, application-specific goals that focus on data analysis and data processing applications and production.

Small satellites and large satellite constellation system is the difference between it by a number of small satellites, compared with a low cost, high resolution characteristics of an integrated space-time. From satellite data back to the ground through the ground system for receiving, processing, and ground systems can also be necessary to adjust the satellite attitude. After receiving the computer down massive data processing, analysis, formation of data applications is what we often see in daily life satellite photos in order to be environmental and disaster monitoring departments to timely and accurate technical support for decision-making.

Currently China has more than 2000 environmental monitoring stations, each year produces 30 million environmental monitoring data, but our environment and disaster monitoring and research tools essential to stay in the conventional stage, can not adapt to sustained and stable economic and social development. China's environmental satellite ground with existing environmental monitoring stations together constitute the three-dimensional environment monitoring system, to achieve large-scale, timely, dynamic environment and disaster monitoring.

Civilian satellite has a family of "bright star"

State Environmental Protection Administration Secretary Zhao Yingmin technology standards, said: "Over the past on a survey of national ecological environment time-consuming, but also spent heavily, and the use of satellite technology, you can quickly and large-scale observation of the atmosphere, soil, vegetation and water quality conditions, offer the basis for environmental protection. "

Environmental satellite is China's second weather, ocean, land resources satellites after a new civilian satellite. Environment and disaster monitoring and forecasting of small satellite constellation by a number of small satellites, is equipped with a wide coverage of a CCD camera, infrared cameras, hyperspectral imager, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) sensors and other types of advanced earth observation system is currently the most technologically sophisticated civilian satellite, targets the most advanced systems.

Early 90s of last century, the State Environmental Protection Administration, the National Disaster Reduction Committee and the Aerospace Science and Technology Group co-sponsored the construction of environment and disaster monitoring and forecasting of small satellite constellation system recommendations. In 2000, the environment and disaster monitoring and forecasting of small satellite constellation to be included in the "Chinese civilian space program and, after 15 years of planning"; in 2001 the "White Paper on China's space" was listed as civilian satellite development priorities; February 2003, environment and disaster monitoring and forecasting of small satellite constellation project approved by the State.

Two stages to create a sound environment for satellite constellation system

Environment and disaster monitoring and forecasting systems, the small satellite constellation system to the owners, the State Environmental Protection Administration and the National Disaster Reduction Committee for the owners of satellite units are responsible for satellite operations management and applications development.

鎸夌収璁″垝锛岀幆澧冧笌鐏惧鐩戞祴棰勬姤灏忓崼鏄熸槦搴у皢棣栧厛寤虹珛鐢?棰楀厜瀛﹀皬鍗槦锛堢幆澧冧竴鍙稟锛孊锛夊拰1棰楀悎鎴愬瓟寰勯浄杈惧皬鍗槦锛堢幆澧冧竴鍙稢锛夌粍鎴愮殑鈥?+1鈥濇槦搴э紝绠?О鈥滅幆澧冧竴鍙封?锛堜唬鍙稨J-1锛夛紱绗簩闃舵灏嗛噰鍙栬祫婧愬叡浜殑鏂瑰紡锛岀Н鏋佸紑灞曞浗闄呭悎浣滐紝瀹屾垚鐢?棰楀厜瀛﹀皬鍗槦鍜?棰楀悎鎴愬瓟寰勯浄杈惧皬鍗槦缁勬垚鐨勨?4+4鈥濇槦搴э紝瀹炵幇鍏ㄧ悆鐜涓庣伨瀹冲姩鎬佺洃娴嬨?鐩墠锛屽湪寤虹殑鈥?+1鈥濇槦搴т腑锛屽崼鏄熷拰浼犳劅鍣ㄦ鍦ㄦ牴鎹爺鍒舵?瑕佹眰杩涜鐢熶骇锛岄璁?007骞翠笅鍗婂勾鍙戝皠銆?br />


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The API VB programming essence (1)

Friendly and easy to learn Visual Basic to a visual development environment known as the first choice for people to learn computer programming language. Currently, about 300 million people worldwide use the Visual Basic language. If you want to excel in this vast beings, then you had to learn the API (Application Program lnterface, the Windows application programming interface) programming. Do not know API, it can not become master.
Section I: API base
In the final analysis is a series of low-level API function, the system provides to users for access to the operating system core, high-level programming approach. Through the statement of Visual Basic applications can access the external process of Windows API (and other external DLLs). In a statement after the procedure, call its methods and the process of calling the same Visual Basic itself. To declare a DLL procedure, required in the code window of the "Statement" section to add a Declare statement, if the procedure returns a value, it should be declared as a Function. For example:
Declare Function publicname Lib "libname" [Alias "alias"] [([[ByVal] variable [As type] [, [ByVal] variable [As type ]]...])] As Type
If there is no return value, it can be declared as a Sub.
By default, the standard DLL module declaration process, the application can call it from anywhere. In other types of modules defined in private DLL process module to be added to the front in their Private keyword to show distinction. Drew particular attention, in 32-bit Visual Basic in the process name is case sensitive. In the previous 16-bit versions are not case sensitive, it is easy for beginners to go wrong.
Declare statement in Visual Basic Lib clause is used to tell how to find the dll file that contains the process. If the reference process is Windows core library (User32, Kernel32 or GDI32), you can not include file extension. For example:
Declare Function GetTickCount Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetTickCount" () As Long. For the other DLL, Lib clause to specify the file path and extension.
If the process of Windows API calls to use the string, then the statement must be increased in a statement Alias clause to specify the correct character set.鍖呭惈瀛楃涓茬殑Windows API鍑芥暟瀹?闄呮湁涓ょ鏍兼ANSI鏍煎紡Unicode鏍煎紡銆傚洜姝わ紝鍦?Windows澶存枃浠朵腑锛屾瘡涓寘鍚瓧绗︿覆鐨勫嚱鏁伴兘鍚屾椂鏈?ANSI鐗堟湰鍜孶nicode鐗堟湰銆?br />渚嬪锛屼笅闈㈡槸SetWindowText鍑芥暟鐨勪袱绉岰璇█鎻?杩般?鍙互鐪嬪埌锛岀涓?釜鎻忚堪灏嗗嚱鏁板畾涔変负SetWindowTextA, 灏鹃儴鐨?amp;quot;A"琛ㄦ槑瀹冩槸涓?釜ANSI鍑芥暟锛?br />SetWindowTextA(HWND hWnd,LPCSTR lpString);
绗簩涓弿杩板皢瀹冨畾涔変负SetWindowTextW锛屽熬閮ㄧ殑 "w"琛ㄦ槑瀹冩槸涓?釜Unicode鍑芥暟锛?br />SetWindowTextW(HWND Hwnd,LPCWSTR lpString);
鍥犱负涓や釜鍑芥暟瀹為檯鐨勫悕绉伴兘涓嶆槸"SetWindow Text"锛岃寮曠敤姝g‘鐨勫嚱鏁板氨蹇呴』澧炲姞涓?釜Alias瀛愬彞锛?br />Private Declare Function SetwindowText Lib "user32" Alias "SetWindowTextA"(ByVal hwnd As Longg锛孊yVal lpString As String) As Long
璇锋敞鎰忥紝 Alias瀛愬彞鍚庨潰鐨勫瓧绗︿覆蹇呴』鏄繃绋嬬殑 鐪熸鍚嶇О锛屽繀椤绘槸鍖哄垎澶у皬鍐欑殑銆備簨瀹炰笂锛屾偍鍙渶瑕?璁颁綇锛屽彧鏈塛indows NT鎵嶆敮鎸乁nicode鏍煎紡锛岃? Windows 95鍙敮鎸丄NSI鏍煎紡灏辫浜嗐?鑷充簬涓よ?鐨勫尯 鍒紝浣滀竴鑸殑搴旂敤绋嬪簭寮?彂鏄笉闇?浜嗚В鐨勩?
VB5涓撲笟鐗堝湪VB鐩綍鐨刉inapi瀛愮洰褰曚笅锛岀敤鍑?涓枃浠舵彁渚涗簡鍏充簬API鐨勪俊鎭? Win32api.txt鏂囦欢涓?鍖呭惈浜?2浣峎indows API鍑芥暟涓敤鍒扮殑鍑芥暟鍜岀被鍨嬬殑 缁撴瀯澹版槑浠ュ強鍏ㄥ眬甯搁噺鐨勫?銆傜敤鎴峰彲浠ョ敤VB鏈韩甯︾殑澶?鎺ョ▼搴?amp;quot;API娴忚鍣?amp;quot;鏉ユ柟渚垮湴浣跨敤Win32api锛嶵xt锛屽涓?鎵?ず锛?br />鐐瑰嚮鑿滃崟鏂囦欢椤圭殑"鍔犺浇鏂囨湰鏂囦欢鈥?amp;quot;浠嶸B鐩?褰曚笅鐨刉INAPI鐩綍涓?鎷?amp;quot;WIN32API.TXT"锛屽氨鍙互 鏌ョ湅WINDOWS 95绯荤粺鐨凙PI鍑芥暟鐨勫0鏄庛?甯告暟瀹氫箟鍜?鏁版嵁绫诲瀷浜嗐?渚嬪锛屾垜浠墦绠楁煡鐪嬪嚱鏁癐nverRect() 鐨勫0鏄庛?棣栧厛锛岀偣鍑?amp;quot;鎼滅储"鎸夐挳锛岃緭鍏ュ瓧绗︿覆 "InverRect"銆傚湪"鍙?椤?amp;quot;鏍忎腑锛屽叞鑹茬殑浜害鏉″皢绉?鍔ㄥ埌"InverRect"椤逛笂銆傚啀鐐规寜"娣诲姞"鎸夐挳锛屽湪"閫?瀹氶」"涓氨鍑虹幇"InverRect"鍦╒isual Basic涓殑 澹版槑浜嗐?鎺ヤ笅鏉ヨ嚜鐒舵槸鐐规寜"澶嶅埗"鎸夐挳锛岀劧鍚庡皢绐?鍙e垏鎹㈠埌Visual Basic寮?彂鐜涓紝鍦ㄩ渶瑕佸0鏄嶢PI 鍑芥暟鐨勫湴鏂笴trl锛媀锛堢矘璐达級鍗冲彲銆?br />涓婇潰鎵?鐨勫0鏄庢柟娉曡櫧鐒剁畝鍗曪紝浣嗗彧鏈変娇鐢╓IN DOWS鏈韩鐨凙PI鍑芥暟鎵嶈兘杩欐牱銆傚浜庣涓夋柟鎻愪緵鐨勫姩 鎬侀摼鎺ュ簱锛圖LL锛夋偍鍙湁鐢ㄩ敭鐩樿?鑰佸疄瀹炲湴鏁蹭簡銆?br />绗簩鑺傦細鐗涘垁灏忚瘯
鐜板湪璇昏?涓?畾寰堟兂鑷繁浜茶嚜璇曚竴涓嬶紝涓嬮潰涓句袱涓?瀹為檯搴旂敤鐨勪緥瀛愯澶у浣撲細涓?笅API鐨勫鐢ㄥ惂锛?br />1.浣夸竴涓獥浣撳缁堜繚鎸佸湪灞忓箷鐨勬渶涓婇潰
鎴戜滑鐭ラ亾VB鏈韩鑷甫鐨勫嚱鏁版槸闅句互瀹屾垚姝ゅ姛鑳?鐨勶紝鎴戜滑鍙互閫氳繃璋冪敤Windows鐨凙PI鍑芥暟锛?SetWindowPos杈惧埌鎴戜滑鐨勮姹傘? Follow these steps:
锛?锛夊惎鍔╒B5寤虹珛涓?釜鏂板伐绋嬶紝鍦ㄨ宸ョ▼涓坊鍔犱竴 涓ā鍧楋紙Moudel锛夛紝鍦ㄨ妯″潡涓敤涓婅堪鐨?amp;quot;API渚嬭鍣?amp;quot; 娣诲姞濡備笅鐨勮API鍑芥暟鐨勫嚱鏁板0鏄庡拰甯搁噺澹版槑閮ㄥ垎锛?br />''API function declaration
Declare Function SetWindowPos Lib "user32" Alias "SetWindowPos" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal hWndInsertAfter As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal cx As Long, ByVal cy As Long, ByVal wFlags As Long) As Long
Global Const SWP_HIDEWINDOW = &H80
Global Const SWP_NOACTIVATE = &H10
Global Const SWP_NOCOPYBITS = &H100
Global Const SWP_NOMOVE = &H2
Global Const SWP_NOOWNERZORDER = &H200
Global Const SWP_NOREDRAW = &H8
Global Const SWP_NOSIZE = &H1
Global Const SWP_NOZORDER = &H4
Global Const SWP_SHOWWINDOW = &H40
Global Const HWND_BOTTOM = 1
Global Const HWND_DESKTOP = 0
Global Const HWND_NOTOPMOST = -2
Global Const HWND_TOPMOST = -1
Global Const HWND_TOP = 0
杩欓噷浠?amp;quot;SWP_"寮?ご鐨勫父閲忔槸琛ㄧず绐椾綋鎵?叿鏈夌殑 椋庢牸锛岃繖浜涘父閲忓彲浠ラ?杩嘨B涓殑"OR"鎿嶄綔绗︾粍鍚堝湪 涓?捣銆傝?浠?amp;quot;HWND_"寮?ご鐨勫父閲忚〃绀虹獥浣撳湪妗岄潰涓婄殑 浣嶇疆銆備粠杩欎簺甯搁噺鐨勮嫳鏂囧崟璇嶇殑鎰忎箟涓婅鑰呭簲璇ュ緢瀹?鏄撶悊瑙d粬浠墍鍏锋湁鐨勯鏍间簡銆傛墍浠ョ瑪鑰呭氨涓嶄竴涓?幓璇?鏄庝簡銆傝嚦浜庝负浠?箞瑕佹坊鍔犺繖浜涘父閲忚?涓嶆槸鍒殑杩欏氨瑕?鎮ㄥ幓鏌ョ湅Windows SDK鍏充簬璇ュ嚱鏁扮殑甯姪鏂囨。浜嗐?褰?鐒惰繖瀵逛簬鍒濆鑰呮潵璇存湁涓?畾鐨勯毦搴︼紝浣嗕笉瑕佺晱鎯э紝鍙?瑕佹偍浠旂粏鐪嬪府鍔╁氨浼氭參鎱㈡悶鎳傜殑銆傚洜涓鸿繖浜汚PI鍑芥暟 鏄负C鍜孋锛嬶紜鐨勭紪绋嬩汉鍛樼紪鍐欑殑锛屾墍浠ュ鏋滄偍鎳備竴鐐?C++鐨勮瘽浼氬緢瀹规槗鐞嗚В鐨勩?
锛?锛夌幇鍦ㄥ彧瑕佸湪鎮ㄦ兂瑕佹鍔熻兘鐨勫湴鏂硅皟鐢ㄨ鍑芥暟 灏卞彲浠ヤ簡锛岃皟鐢ㄧ殑鏂规硶濡傦細
Dim Success as Long
SuccesS锛漇etwindowPos(me.HWnd. HWND_TOPMOST,0,0,0,0,FLAGS)
缁嗗績鐨勮鑰呭彲鑳藉凡缁忓彂鐜颁笂闈㈢殑渚嬪瓙涓殑妯″潡澹?鏄庝腑澹版槑浜嗗ソ鍑犱釜甯搁噺锛屽彲涓轰粈涔堝彧鐢ㄥ埌涓変釜鍛紵鐜?鍦ㄦ偍鍙互璇曠潃鏀瑰彉涓?笅API鍑芥暟"SetWindowPos"涓?鐨勭浜屼釜鍙傛暟鎴栧父閲廎LAGS涓殑椤癸紝鐪嬬湅鎮ㄧ殑绐椾綋浼?鍑虹幇浠?箞鏍风殑鏁堟灉锛?br />2. VB5涓浣曞睆钄芥帀win95涓殑CTRL_ALT_DEL锛?CTRL_ESC, ALT_TAB涓夌粍鐑敭閫氳繃璋冪敤API鍑芥暟"SystemParametersInfo"鏉ュ疄 鐜般?
棣栧厛鍒涘缓涓?柊宸ョ▼锛涘湪姝ゅ伐绋嬩腑娣诲姞涓?釜绐椾綋鍜?涓?釜妯″潡锛涘湪绐椾綋涓婃嫋鏀句袱涓寜閽垎鍒懡鍚嶄负 "cmdDisable","cmdEnable"锛汣opy濡備笅浠g爜鍏ユā鍧椾腑锛?br />Public Declare Function SystemParametersInfo Lib "user32" Ahias "SystemParametersInfoA" (ByVal uAction As Long,ByVal uParam As Long, lpvParam As Any锛孊yVal fuWinIni As Long)AS Long
鍦ㄧ獥浣撶殑浠g爜缂栬緫鍖篊opy濡備笅浠g爜锛?br />''浣夸笁缁勭儹閿け鏁?br />Private Sub cmdDisable_click()
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload (Cancel As Integer)
End Sub
鑻ュ皢姝ゅ姛鑳藉拰灞忓箷淇濇姢绋嬪簭缁撳悎鍒颁竴璧凤紝閭f偍鐨勫睆骞?淇濇姢绋嬪簭涓?畾澧炶壊璁稿銆?br />API鍑芥暟鐨勭畝鍗曡皟鐢ㄤ緥瀛愬氨鏄繖涔堝鏄擄紝鐩镐俊鐜板湪鎮?瀵笰PI鐨勮皟鐢ㄥ凡涓嶅啀鎰熷埌绁炵浜嗭紝鎺ヤ笅鏉ユ垜浠氨鐪嬬湅涓?釜 姣旇緝澶嶆潅鐨勫簲鐢ㄣ?
涓婇潰鐨勫叧浜嶢PI鐨勮皟鐢ㄧ殑渚嬪瓙鍙槸涓轰簡甯︽偍鍘籛in dows API涓栫晫涓幓鎺㈢储涓?笅銆傜浉淇℃偍宸叉帰绱㈠埌浜嗕竴鐐圭湁 鐩苟鎯冲幓瀹炵幇涓?簺鏇?amp;quot;濂界帺"鐨勪笢瑗夸簡銆?Good!涓嬮潰灏卞悜鎮?浠嬬粛涓?釜寰?amp;quot;濂界帺"鍚屾椂鍙堜細浣挎偍鐨勭▼搴忕湅璧锋潵鏇翠笓涓氬寲 鐨勪竴涓狝PI璋冪敤銆?br />鐩镐俊鎮ㄧ殑鏈哄櫒涓婁竴瀹氳鏈?amp;quot;閲戝北璇嶉湼"锛岃瘯鐫?惎鍔ㄥ畠 鎮ㄥ彂鐜颁簡浠?箞锛熷惎鍔ㄧ敾闈㈣繃鍚庡畠"涓嶈浜?amp;quot;銆傛妸榧犳爣绉诲埌 妗岄潰鐨勫彸涓嬭锛屽師鏉ュ畠浠ュ浘鏍囩殑褰㈠紡"钘忓湪" Windows 鐨勬墭鐩樹腑銆傜敤榧犳爣鍙冲嚮瀹冭繕浼氬脊鍑轰竴涓彍鍗曞姛鑳介」渚涙偍 閫夋嫨銆傜幇鍦ㄦ偍涓?畾鎯虫妸鑷繁鐨勭▼搴忎篃鏀惧埌鎵樼洏锛岃繖鏍锋偍鐨?绋嬪簭澶氬叿鏈変笓涓氭按鍑嗭紒
1.杩欓噷鎴戜滑璋冪敤鐨凙PI鍑芥暟鏄細 "Shell_NotifyIcon"锛屽湪鎮ㄧ殑妯″潡涓坊鍔犲涓嬬殑鍑芥暟澹版槑 鍜屽父閲忓0鏄庯細
''浠ヤ笅甯搁噺鍛婅瘔绯荤粺鍦ㄦ墭鐩樹腑鎮ㄧ殑鍥炬爣涓婂彂鐢熶簡浠?箞 鎿嶄綔
Public Const WM_MOUSEMOVE = &H200 ''鍦ㄥ浘鏍囦笂绉诲姩榧犳爣
Public Const WM_LBUTTONDOWN = &H201 ''榧犳爣宸﹂敭鎸変笅
Public Const WM_LBUTTONUP = &H202 ''榧犳爣宸﹂敭閲婃斁
Public Const WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK = &H203 ''鍙屽嚮榧犳爣宸﹂敭
Public Const WM_RBUTTONDOWN = &H204 ''榧犳爣鍙抽敭鎸変笅
Public Const WM_RBUTTONUP = &H205 ''榧犳爣鍙抽敭閲婃斁
Public Const WM_RBUTTONDBLCLK = &H206 ''鍙屽嚮榧犳爣鍙抽敭
Public Const WM_SETHOTKEY = &H32 ''鍝嶅簲鎮ㄥ畾涔夌殑鐑敭
''API function declaration
Public Declare Function Shell_NotifyIcon Lib "shell32.dll" Alias " Shell_NotifyIconA" (ByVal dwMessage As Long, lpData As NOTIFYICONDATA) As Long
''鑷畾涔変竴涓皟鐢ˋPI Shell_NotifyIcon瑕佺敤鍒扮殑绫?鍨?amp;quot;NOTIFYICONDATA"
cdSize As Long ''NOTIFYICONDATA绫诲瀷鐨勫ぇ灏?br />hwnd As Long ''浣犵殑搴旂敤绋嬪簭绐椾綋鐨勫悕鏌?br />uId As Long ''搴旂敤绋嬪簭鍥炬爣璧勬簮鐨処D鍙?br />uFlags As Long ''浣块偅浜涘弬鏁版湁鏁堝畠鏄互涓嬫灇涓剧被鍨嬩腑鐨?br />''NIF_MESSAGE銆丯IF_ICON銆丯IF_TIP涓夌粍鐨勭粍鍚?br />uCallbackMessage As Long ''榧犳爣绉诲姩鏃舵妸姝ゆ秷鎭彂缁欒鍥炬爣鐨勭獥浣?br />hIcon As Long ''鍥炬爣鍚嶆焺
szTip As String*64 ''褰撻紶鏍囧湪鍥炬爣涓婃椂鏄剧ず鐨凾ip鏂囨湰
End Type

''杩欐槸涓?釜鏋氫妇绫诲瀷瀹冨憡璇堿PI Shell_NotifyIcon鍘诲仛浠?箞鎿嶄綔
Public Enum enm_NIM_Shell
NIM_ADD=&H40 ''鍦ㄢ?閲戠鈥濅腑鍔犱竴鍥炬爣
NIM_MODIFY=&H1 ''淇敼鈥滈噾纰熲?涓殑鍥炬爣
NIM_DELETE=&H2 ''鍒犻櫎鈥滈噾纰熲?涓殑鍥炬爣
NIF_MESSAGE=&H1 ''浣跨被鍨?amp;quot;NOTIFYICONDATA"涓殑uCallbackMessage鏈夋晥
NIF_ICON=&H2 ''浣跨被鍨?amp;quot;NOTIFYICONDATA"涓殑hIcon鏈夋晥
NIF_TIP=&H4 ''浣跨被鍨?amp;quot;NOTIFYICONDATA"涓殑szTip鏈夋晥
WM_MOUSEMOVE=&H200 ''浣块紶鏍囩Щ鍔ㄦ秷鎭湁鏁?br />End Enum
''瀹氫箟涓?釜"NOTIFYICONDATA"绫诲瀷鐨勫彉閲?br />Public nidProgramData As NOTIFYICONDATA
2. 鍦ㄧ獥浣撲笂鐢ㄨ彍鍗曠紪杈戜竴涓叿鏈夊涓嬩俊鎭殑鑿滃崟椤癸細
3. 鍦ㄧ獥浣撶殑Load浜嬩欢涓坊鍔犲涓嬩唬鐮侊細
Private Sub Form_Load ()
With Me
.Top =-10000
.Left = -10000
.WindowState = vbMinimized
End With
With nidprogramData
.cbSize = Len(nidProgramData)
.hwnd = Me.hwnd .uld = vbNull
.uCallbackMessage = WM_MOUSEMOVE
.hIcon = Me.Icon ''鈥滄墭鐩樷?涓斁鍏ョ獥浣撳浘鏍囷紝浣犲彲浠ユ妸绐椾綋鐨勫浘鏍囨崲鎴愪綘鎵?枩娆㈢殑鍥炬爣
.szTip ="VB 鐨?Win32 API 缂栫▼" & vbNullChar
End With

''璋冪敤璇ュ嚱鏁?br />Shell_NotifyIcon NIM_ADD,nidprogramData
End Sub
''鏍规嵁涓嶅悓鐨勯紶鏍囨秷鎭仛涓嶅悓鐨勬搷浣?br />Private Sub Form_MouseMove(Button As inte ger, Shift As lnteger, x As Single, Y As Single)
On Error GoTo Form_MouseMove_err:
Dim Result As Long
Dim msg As Long
If Me.ScaleMode = vbpixels Then
msg = x
msg = x/Screen.TwipsPerPixe1X
End If
Select Case msg
PopupMenu mainMenu
End Select
Exit Sub

End Sub
4.Run浣犵殑绋嬪簭锛屾偍鏄笉鏄湅鍒颁簡璞♀?閲戝北璇嶉湼鈥濅竴鏍风殑鍔熻兘锛熺浉淇′綘姝ゆ椂鐨勬劅瑙変竴瀹氱壒鍒?鐖解?锛?br />API鐨勪笘鐣宩鏄赴瀵屽褰╃殑锛屽彧瑕佷綘鑲粏蹇冨湴鍘绘帰绱㈠畠浣犱竴瀹氫細鑾峰緱璁稿鎰忔兂涓嶅埌鐨勫ソ涓滆タ銆傛墍浠ョ瑪鑰呰寰楀畾鍊煎緱姣忎竴涓叿鏈夆?濂藉鈥濈簿绁炵殑浜哄幓鎺㈢储瀹冦?鍚庣画鐨勬湡鍒婄瑪鑰呬細鍚戣鑰呰缁嗕粙缁嶄竴浜涙洿濂芥洿鈥滅墰鈥濈殑API璋冪敤


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Full pay to fulfill its promise Jinshan Qiu Bojun

Kingsoft CEO Qiu Bojun, Chairman and Acting


In Jinshan Chun an internal meeting before the holiday, said Qiu Bojun salary increase plan will be implemented. He admitted that low wages have been difficult to attract students to join, it will implement the salary increase plan. And this plan in March to be reflected in wages.

According to internal staff said Jinshan, Jinshan Qiu Bojun the latest month's wages in the bill to honor the promise. The key target for the non-option pay employees and new employees, salary increase in the range of about 20%, some 30% wage increase.

Jinshan people have said the overall rate of pay is the biggest ever Jinshan time, most employees are satisfied, but there are some employees and industry level that was still some distance.

銆??閲戝北2007骞?0鏈堝湪棣欐腐涓婂競锛岃瀺璧?.261浜挎腐鍏冦? Jinshan Li said in the prospectus, will spend about 191.5 million Hong Kong dollars for the recruitment of new graduates and senior researchers established R & D team.姹備集鍚涘嚭浠讳唬鐞咰EO鍚庯紝鏇存槸鎻愬嚭澶氶」鍔犺柂銆佹敼鍠勭鍒╃殑鎺柦銆?br />
Not long ago, Jinshan, vice president, general manager of online games business Zou boasted in an interview, listing the Jinshan capital adequacy, the current is not short of money. Especially in attracting talent, Zou has spared no expense, "I am often stressed, do not and I said, people are not available, Jinshan is now not short of money!"


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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Newpentium AVI Converter

Newpentium AVI Converter is a professional and easy-to-use AVI to iPod Zune iPhone Converter, convert AVI file to MPG, MPEG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, VCD, DVD, SVCD, MPEG1/2/4 formats. also can support batch video files conversion of different video formats such as DVD AVI MPEG ASF MOV SWF at the same time. Besides, it also can support to burn VCD SVCD DVD. And best of all, it has a powerful video decompress/compress engine that convert whole AVI movie to DVD in 30 minutes! Except for converting AVI to iPod Video and converting Video to iPod,it also supports converting among MPG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video!